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Roads, Ditches, Culverts & Treatments
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Priority Road & Culvert Projects (4/28/21)

CCRC Response 5/12/2021

The major (non-private) roads (including ditches) within Sugar Island Township are maintained by the Chippewa County Road Commission (CCRC) with federal, state and local tax proceeds.  Generally speaking, the Sugar Island Township utilizes the proceeds of local tax levies to pave and re-pave roads throughout the Township with a series of individual project-based, cost-sharing agreements with the CCRC. On April 28, 2021 the Township provided the CCRC with a list of priority projects (see above) compiled with the aid and assistance of individual property owners all across the Island.  The CCRC provided a detailed response (see above).  The Township Board will be working through the response to determine next actions.

STATUS UPDATE: According to recent communications with the CCRC, the S. Westshore Drive project should be substantially completed, depending on the weather, near the end of September 2021. The Village Road project should commence with clearing and debris removal shortly thereafter. Depending on the weather, the Village Road project may extend into 2022. The Township has requested the CCRC seek estimates for paving of these two projects in 2022. 
PLANNING AHEAD: In the upcoming months the Township Board will be seeking input from citizens regarding what comes next with regard to future road projects. The Township currently has more than 20 miles of unpaved county roads so there is no shortage of options.